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​The image that we transmit, the expression of others. In a professional life or in different associations, or even just for ourselves, we all need to promote our image one day or another. Who are we and what do we want to show? Staying true to yourself is the best possible identity for me. Whether it’s bohemian or classical, reserved or demonstrative, whatever style naturally suits you the best, it is just a case of knowing how to reveal it through a beautiful portrait. So be yourself, and let me do the rest…


​I love to preserve those fleeting moments that leave so many golden memories in their wake. Do not forget the happiness of a laugh, the eyes sparkling with mischief or astonishment, the hand aged by the years, now so slight and febrile, that on so many occasions prepared meals for the little ones, now grown up... Rediscover in one instant all the flavour of life’s precious moments, so simple and yet so essential for the happiness of the family. The meaning of life.

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Free your desires ! A new story, a new encounter or perhaps a love that lasts, it is above all those moments you experience together that make your heart skip a beat. Take some time out for a photo shoot to capture those tender moments that belong only to you. I will accompany you throughout the shoot, always attentive to your well-being, because it is with your complicity that my images best bring out the essence of your happiness.

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​A photo-reportage for all your company’s key events. Whether it be for seminars, conferences or meetings, I create for you the images that are true to the nature and identity of your business. Working discreetly but efficiently, I will capture the charisma and dynamism of your leaders and colleagues for each individual occasion or event. Rest assured, my images will have a positive impact on your corporate communication.

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